Strategic Plan









2014-2015. Induction of anti-herbivory defences in seagrasses. FCT exploratory project (PI: B Martínez-Crego).

2013-2015. High-CO2 effects on seagrass photosynthetic ecophysiology PTDC/MAR-EST/3687/2012 (PI: J Silva).

2011-2014. Mäerl calcification, photosynthesis and metabolism in an acidified ocean, PTDC/MAR/115789/2009 (PI: J Silva).

2011- 2014. Waterborne seaweed metabolites as a green solution for antimicrobial therapy in aquaculture, PTDC/MAR/112792/2009. (PI: L Mata).

2010-2014. COST Action ES0906 - Seagrass productivity: From genes to ecosystem management (Coordinator: R Santos).

2009-2014. ASSEMBLE Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories, Grant agreement no.: 227799. Coordination of CCMAR contribution to the Joint Research Activity (PI: R Santos).

2014. ASSEMBLE research infrastructure initiative - EU FP7 program. Effects of CO2 on seagrass photophysiology (PI: I Olivé).

2014. PADI Foundation (US). Long-term effects of high CO2 on seagrasses photosynthetic machinery (PI: I Olivé).

2012. ASSEMBLE research infrastructure initiative - EU FP7 program. Independent and interactive effects of increased CO2 and nutrients on seagrass – herbivore interactions (Co-PIs: B Martínez-Crego and F Tomas).

2010. ASSEMBLE research infrastructure initiative - EU FP7 program. Carbon metabolism of a tropical seagrass community: The role of other community elements in the global carbon budget, Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat, Israel (PI: J Silva).

2012. NETALGAE. Socioeconomic characterization of seaweed harvest and commercialization in Portugal. Contract for University of Algarve. National research project (PI: R Santos).

2012-2013. PADI Foundation (US). Can herbivores modify seagrass response to global human disturbances? (PI: B Martínez-Crego).

2010-2013. Whole-system metabolism and CO2 fluxes in a coastal lagoon dominated by saltmarsh and seagrass meadows, PTDC/AAC-CLI/103348/2008 (PI: R Santos).

2010-2013. Shifts from seagrass to seaweed dominated systems (INVASEA), PTDC/MAR/098069/2008 (PI: A Engelen).

2009-2011. EEMA: Ecological status of the coastal and transition waters of the Portuguese coast / macroalgae, saltmarshes and seagrasses. Contract for INAG (Portuguese Water Institute (PI: R Santos).

2009-2011. DiverseShores - Testing associations between genetic and community diversity in European rocky shore environments, PTDC/BIA-BIC/114526/2009 (PI: H Queiroga, University of Aveiro).

2009-2011. Gestion environnementale des zones lagunaires à vocation aquacole (ECO-LAGUNES), Interreg-Sudoe SOE1/P2/F153 (Coordination of Portuguese partner: R Santos).

2007 – 2009. Conservation status of the maerl communities in the Atlantic coast of Iberian Peninsula.CGL2006-03576/BOS, “Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia”, Spain. (PI: I Barbara, Univ Coruña).

2006-2009. Improvement of the cost effectiveness of marine land-based aquaculture facilities through use of Constructed Wetlands with Salicornia as an environmentally friendly biofilter and a valuable by-product - Envirophyte. EU CRAFT contract COOP-CT-2006 – 032167 (Coordination of Portuguese partner: R Santos).