Irene Olivé - Post-doctoral Researcher

Irene Olivé was born in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona (Spain). She studied Marine Sciences in the University of Cadiz. Since her first years in the University she collaborated with the Ecology department and in 2008 she obtained her PhD degree in Marine Sciences with the thesis entitled “Ecophysiological acclimation to light, nutrients and organic matter in seagrasses". After completing her PhD, she gained further experience working in the Spanish National Council of Research (CSIC), in the oceanographic division of the Marine Sciences Institute of Andalucia (ICMAN-CSIC), being involved in research on climate change, ocean acidification and anthropogenic pressure effects on oceanic systems. Afterward, she gained a postdoctoral grant from CONACYT (Mexico) to work on photobiology of reef primary producers in Puerto Morelos (Cancun). In 2011 she moved to Faro (Portugal) and joined the ALGAE group granted with a postdoctoral grant from the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) for studying the effects of ocean acidification on seagrasses. Since then, she is involved in several national and European projects aiming to monitor and evaluate the effects of high CO2 and ocean acidification on marine macrophytes, the whole-system metabolism and CO2 fluxes of coastal areas, and the establishment of an European network for integrating seagrass research.